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Events & workshops

One of the main aims of the Hill Farm Project is to share and disseminate useful information relevant to farm businesses on Dartmoor. We do that in a variety of ways which includes our events and training programme. On this page you can see our planned activity over the coming months, we are constantly updating the programme with each season of the year. If you wish to participate please book via the Eventbrite button where applicable, or you can email us for more details at or call the office on 01822 890913.

Finally, if you have any thoughts or suggestions on future events or activities please contact us by using the form on the home page.
Tick & Animal Health on Commons

When & Where:

Huccaby Farm, Hexworthy​
31st July - 12 - 3pm
Ticks .png

A workshop with various presentations focussing on animal health and welfare for commons and semi natural grassland. Will include Beth Wells from Moredun discussing Louping Ill and sheep scab and the new vaccine. Other contributions from APHA vets and Clive Turner discussing results of the Healthy Livestock Project on Holne and Harford and Ugborough commons.

Farm for the Future

When & Where:

Running through 2023/24 winter & spring.

A programme of events have been held over recent months - (see full details on our main Farm for the Future page here).

Going forwards, these will be listed below and held in parallel to our broader complementary events.
FFTF webpage snapshot.png

We welcome new and returning contacts to take part in this free programme, designed to help navigate the Agricultural Transition, new policy, new schemes and new directions. How to assess your own business and consider choices with the help and support provided.

Our aim is to keep the content locally relevant and practical, with guest speakers and on-farm events where possible.

Overall, we have designed this programme to run alongside our wider list of events that feature on this page, so that they are complementary and provide a number of choices for our farming audience.

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