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Supporting the future of farming on Dartmoor

A bit about us

The Dartmoor Hill Farm Project was set up in 2003 to help ensure a viable future for Dartmoor farmers. We are actively involved in promoting and supporting the role agriculture plays on Dartmoor from food production to the delivery of public goods. As well as acting as advocates for our community we run a range of programmes and activities aimed at supporting family farms and investing in resilient and forward-facing businesses.

We are a small team of staff who are based in Princetown and can assist you with advice, guidance and one to one support where needed. You can keep in touch by receiving our e-newsletter, social media feed or our (less regular) hard copy newsletters. Please sign up to join our contacts database or email us for more information.

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Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) officially host the Hill Farm Project, based at the ‘High Moor’ Princetown office. The DHFP Team work alongside all departments to ensure that the relevance of projects and support for farming is communicated and integrated into wider activity, with greater relevance to the Farming in Protected Landscapes, Natural Flood Management or Peatland restoration staff. As part of the Conservation & Communities Directorate, the work of the Hill Farm Project also aims to align with and promote the objectives of the Partnership Plan, predominantly Farming & Forestry Your Dartmoor - Better for Farming and Forestry

The Duchy of Cornwall represent a significant proportion of Dartmoor landownership with a mixture of tenanted estate farms, and common land under grazing agreements. Under the wider umbrella of initiatives aimed at supporting communities, the Duchy has supported the Hill Farm Project since inception and is renowned for its longstanding conservation and stewardship objectives.

The Royal Countryside Fund (RCF) provided funding support in 2022 which enabled recruitment, allowing us to underpin our Farm Support delivery role and events. We operate alongside a number of Farm Support groups nationally and are also involved in the direct delivery of projects with PCF towards a shared vision of a sustainable future in farming.

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DHFP offers an annual Contributors scheme for those who wish to support and endorse the projects’ objectives to support the farming community on Dartmoor. 

DHFP is driven and guided by Dartmoor farmers, and our work is informed by the views of members and our Steering Group. As we move through the Agricultural Transition and Policy changes, the coming years represent a considerable challenge for farming, and in these uncertain times DHFP will be working to raise the profile of the Dartmoor farming community and its importance to the local landscape and economy.  In addition to this, the DHFP offers a range of training and events for Dartmoor farmers throughout the year and subscriptions are used directly to offset the costs of providing this programme. In particular we have seen interest in supporting next generation farmers, which may mean we could subsidise a few places on our study tours - and not forgetting running a range of social events locally.

DHFP are pleased to continue our successful partnership with Glendinnings, who offer discounts on agricultural lime to Contributors. Through Glendinnings, Contributors can access advice, soil testing, and access to specialist equipment capable of delivering to and spreading on remote moorland sites. We seek further opportunities with other businesses where possible and appreciate that these are difficult times for everyone.

Membership is £60 (Inc. VAT) for a year, starting on 1st September. Payment can be made via standing order (please contact us for more info), or online through this website:

  • Follow this link to Dartmoor National Park's 'Charges and Payment' page on their website

  • Fill in all the details on the page, for 'Description of 'Payment' please write "Contributors" followed by your farm name

  • Click 'submit' and you will receive a VAT receipt for your records

  • Contact us at the Hill Farm Project to request a Sign Up Form to register your details or download the pdf document here

  • We will confirm your Contribution and keep you informed of offers and events in coming months


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