Group of people on a hillside
Group of people on a hillside

Jenny  Walking Sheep Up Street
Jenny Walking Sheep Up Street

Beekeepers examining a frame of bees
Beekeepers examining a frame of bees

Group of people on a hillside
Group of people on a hillside

  • Harriet Bell

Land Management Plan - which framework to go for?

On the 16th of July the volunteer farmer Advisory Team met virtually to discuss the three frameworks which could be used to shape a Dartmoor Land Management Plan for ELMS, something which could work on both home farms and commons.

The three frameworks are available on the Hill Farm Project website and it was open to the whole community to vote and comment on them.

  • The team discussed whether to include all of the online votes as equal to a group member vote. It was decided that they would be taken as advisory on the basis that the team have, at this point, collectively spent several hundred hours reflecting on ELMs an that should be reflected in the weighting of the votes.

  • The Project Officer read out the website votes (as of 16/7/2020) and all of the comments.

  • The results of the first vote on the different options were:

A - 0

B - 0

C - 1

AB - 2+1 for home farm

AC - 1

ABC - 6+1 for common

  • Discussion continued on the merits and disadvantages of the different options. [I'm really sorry, I got too into it to remember to take notes.]

  • Results of the second vote were:

AB - 1

ABC - 10

So the Advisory Team's final recommendation for a Land Management Plan approach for Dartmoor home farms and commons is farmer led mapping with an accompanying scorecard, for bench-marking performance, supported by advice.

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