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Here's one someone else made earlier

During this first half of our Test & Trial, as well as through multiple lockdowns, we've been working virtually with the fabulous bunch of farmers and landowners who volunteered to be on our Advisory Group. Their input has been to guide and shape what this Test & Trial delivers.

One of those outcomes is that our vision for land management plans, for both home farms and commons, is based on using a scorecard. We will then explore using that scorecard as the foundation for paying people by results approach.

Do you have any idea what this means?

My suspicion is that if you're not one of our Advisory Group and you haven't been made to read all kinds of reports and sit through a number of presentations then a scorecard and payment by results approach probably doesn't mean much.

I'm hoping it will make more sense when we start testing out our first draft in the new year. However, in the meantime I thought people might be interested to watch a recording of a presentation about a very similar project, which has been running in the Outer Hebrides, developing scorecards for a payment by results approach. Do remember that the policy chat my not be relevant, as Scotland isn't part of ELM, and our scorecard may not turn out exactly the same but hopefully this will provide a better picture of what we're working towards:

There is also a final report evaluating the project which raises some of the same issues and questions we will also need to address in our Test & Trial:

Download • 23.39MB
Download • 18.89MB

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