Group of people on a hillside
Group of people on a hillside

Jenny  Walking Sheep Up Street
Jenny Walking Sheep Up Street

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Beekeepers examining a frame of bees

Group of people on a hillside
Group of people on a hillside

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Defra's latest ELMs update

We would like to inform you about some new Defra publications. These provide updated information about our work and explain how you can continue to engage with Defra and help shape future agricultural policy.

We have published Farming for the Future: Policy Progress and Update on GOV.UK. This provides detail on the Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme and our other planned schemes to support productivity, animal health and welfare. It also covers future support for innovation and research and development.

We have also launched the Environmental Land Management (ELM) Policy Discussion Document on the Citizen Space website. This document sets out our initial thinking on the design of the new ELM scheme. There are key questions in the document on which we would like your views. Feedback on this document will help us shape the new scheme.

Please respond online through the Citizen Space site. If you’re part of an organisation then please encourage other members to do the same.

You can also email or write to Defra at:

FAO ELM Policy Discussion

Seacole 1, NE.

2 Marsham Street



The discussion is open for 10 weeks, until the first week of May.

We will shortly email you again about a leaflet we’ve produced which summarises the content of the above policy document and outlines actions that farmers and land managers could take in 2020 and 2021. We hope you will find the document useful. We’re also arranging a series of ELM roadshows across England to capture your views on the ELM scheme design directly. We will share more information on these and how to attend in due course.

If you want to receive updates from Defra, please sign up to Defra’s e-alerts, selecting the topics on which you want to receive information.

The Environmental Land Management Team

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