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The Dartmoor Farmer's Year

This film follows life on three Dartmoor farms over the course of a year; find out what happens on the farm across the four seasons and some of the challenges faced by farmers today. Filmed last year, it's a great showcase for Dartmoor farming, and for the spectacular environment the farmers work in.


Special thanks to Lewis Steer, Wendy and Kenny Watson, and Crispin and Steve Alford for their time and input 

Dartmoor Food Directory

Within Dartmoor National Park we’re lucky to have a wide range of food and drink producers and retailers. This includes produce straight from the farm gate through to village shops and specialist retailers that source Dartmoor products.

DHFP has produced a Local Food and Drink Map which, under the current restrictions of the COVID-19 outbreak, focusses on businesses who have dedicated retail premises or are able to deliver direct to your home. Given the size of the National Park we would recommend you make contact with the provider before ordering food to ensure you are within their delivery area.

Please note this is a ‘work in progress’. The list has been uploaded without prejudice and with acknowledgement that there are clear gaps. Our hope is to grow and develop the pages over the coming months.

If you are a producer or retailer and would like to be added to the evolving site then please email us with your contact details and we will get in touch.

Chairman's Update - June 2020

Russell Ashford is Chairman of the Hill Farm Project Steering Group and farms at West Buckfastleigh.

As well as being a Common landowner he is also a grazier and advocate for our industry and the

pivotal role upland farming plays on Dartmoor.  


In our last newsletter (April) we were just coming to terms with the impact of corona virus and here

we are in June with the problem still very much in the headlines. We must now look forward to preparing

ourselves for the future. The Test and Trials work being led by Harriet Bell is progressing well, and you can keep up to speed on this by visiting the ELMS section of the HFP website. We are grateful to the Advisory group of farmers for their input into this, and it is very encouraging to hear the views of several “next generation” farmers as well. If you have a view point that you would like to put across, then please pass this on. As has been said before, this is our one chance to help shape future support for Dartmoor.
The work of the Hill Farm Project is overseen by a committee of mainly farmers. We would normally meet 3 to 4 times per year and generally direct and advise on the work that the HFP carries out to best support Dartmoor’s farmers.  We are now looking for some new blood to sit on the Steering Group and if you feel that you could make a positive contribution and are interested in joining us, then please speak to David or Louise.  We are sorry to see Ed Pollard retire from the Steering Group, he has been a very positive force on the committee for the past 7 years but now feels the need to be “turned out to pasture”! Thank you for all of your support in the past Ed and I am pleased that you still wish to be a contributor.
Finally,  these are just my thoughts, with the double impact of Brexit and Covid 19, there will be many businesses of all types, right across the spectrum that are going to struggle to survive and so our intent should be to prioritise our purchases towards local companies. Whether it be animal feed, machinery and vehicle repairs, farm contracting, groceries (and beer !),  in fact all commodities, our local communities all need that revenue to safeguard jobs and the future for all of us.  

Stay safe and well.
Russ Ashford

Life as a Dartmoor Farmer - listen to Laura and Will discuss how and why they farm  

The clips below are of Laura Colwill who farms at Scoriton and Will Dracup who farms near Widecombe in the Moor. They were broadcast on local radio stations and were recorded to explain the way that they farm and what it's like to be a Dartmoor Farmer.



Laura Colwill
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Will Dracup
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